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Drop Tag

Last updated by Martin Weber on April 01, 2014 13:46

Drop Tag Main Features

Drop Tag is a Cinema 4D Tag Plugin that places your object onto the surface of a target mesh.

Drop Tag is ideal for situations where you want to make sure an object sits on top of another while you e.g. still work on the underlying mesh. It also can help you quickly place objects on a surface, like plants on the ground, dishes on a table or buildings on a landscape.

  • You have control over the distance to the surface
  • You can still move the object in X and Z direction while it drops to the target mesh
  • Drop Tag never changes X or Y coordinates
  • The object stick to the surface during animation or changes

How to Use Drop Tag

Drop Tag is a Cinema 4D Tag. You can find it from an objects context menu in the Object Manager and from the Object Manager's Tag menu. It can also be found in the Create > Tag main menu.

Apply the Drop Tag to the object you want to sit on the surface of another mesh.

Click the Drop Tag to see the options you have:

  • Ground is a link to the mesh you want the object drop to. Drag the ground object from the object manager into this field or click the arrow icon to be able to pick the ground object from either the object manager or the 3d view.
  • Offset defines how far above or below the ground your object will sit. Adjust this setting to your liking. This is helpful when the object axis is not aligned to the bottom of your object.
  • Test Distance is the distance that Drop Tags looks along the Y-axis to find the surface of the ground mesh. When you animate your ground and it is moving a far distance in a short amount of time you might want to adjust this settings. You could also set this to a low value so the drop tag stops working once the ground moves away quickly.