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Disable Materials

Last updated by Martin Weber on April 01, 2014 13:46

How to Use Disable Materials

You find the Disable Materials commands from the menu Plugins / Disable-Materials.

  • To disable all materials in your scene simply click Disable Materials.
  • To enable the materials again click Enable Materials.

How Disable Materials Works

Unfortunately there is no override material in Cinema 4D that replaces assigned materials on a group or scene wide scope. Also material layers cannot be disabled for rendering or the viewport.

So what Disable Materials does is to go through the scene and limit all materials to a polygon selection that starts with off#. This effectively disables the material. When enabling the materials again the plugin removes the starting off# from the material tags selection - restoring it to the original selection name or removing the off# selection if there was none set before calling Disable Materials.

If you have valid polygon selections for material tags that start with off# then Disable Materials will unfortunately interfere with your scene setup.